This Is REAL Life


July 3, 2011 7:01 pm

SAT bootcamp sounds intense! You probably have hundreds of words memorized by now! Are you going to start your personal statement soon? I feel so unprepared for the college application process :/ and everyone else seems like they know exactly what they’re doing. are you going to take the SAT in october? I plan to take the oct one. haha you didn’t tell me that you suck at bowling. but don’t worry, I’m pretty bad too! I think i only got a strike twice in my life and it was pure luck. City College is a lot easier than De Los Reyes class! We had out assessment test on friday and it was fairly easy. Nothing to do with the unit circle or logs! The teacher said that was the foundation of the class so I bet this class will be easy. So far we’ve been learning about radical and complex numbers the hw isn’t even that much plus no hw on friday…well at least we didn’t have any for this friday. We should meet up sometime next week?

June 27, 2011 2:16 am

HI! The middle school reunion was okay.. it was really awkward though since i haven’t seen my classmates for 3 years! hahhaha The reunion was held at Serra Bowl and only a few people went. Did i tell you that i suck at bowling??? hahaha i was soo bad! i got the lowest score out of everybody! I’ll tell you more about it, when we meet up! :) 
ohhh that korean singer! IU!! her voice is amazzing!!!!! That’s soo cool how you saw a man making gold molds!!! thats means you were this close { } gold. it’s hard to find gold in the world now! ohh i started the SAT bootcamp!! it’s soo intense!! i have to memorize 50 words everyday!! sighhhh i have no more fun now! At the moment, I am trying to memorize about 200 words for the weekly cumulative test which is tomorrow. ughh i also have to take another practice SAT test tomorrow too. i think the only good thing about having class everyday is that i actually move around unlike the first 3 weeks of summer. hmmm.. oh yeah. i volunteered with sally on thursday.  it’s a camp for kids in chinatown. there’s sooo many kids, it’s hard to keep up with them. ohhh an because of volunteering, i now know how to take the bus to chinatown from irving!! i’m getting bus smart! :)) 

June 22, 2011 6:04 am

You guys have a middle school reunion? i didn’t even know that schools had those! that should be very exciting. when is the reunion? sorry i haven’t been writing back as  fast, it’s because the Internet here sucks! we’re stealing wifi from the neighbors. i went back to the store and bought the nutellas today! i haven’t even opened them  yet but they come in a pack of 12 so i’m going to split it. she said the Korean star name is Iyu…i think that’s how its spelled. It’s like 50 degrees here all the time and its been raining the past few days, typical winter weather! I’m coming back next monday! Kinda worried because city college starts on Tuesday and i don’t even know where the classroom is. Last week we went to this place called sovereign hill and it was pretty cool. It’s an old town that sprung up during the gold rush and they still keep the buildings up and everything and  you could even go panning for gold but there isn’t much gold left in the river anymore because it’s more of a tourist attraction now. I also saw a demonstration where the man was melting gold and pouring it into molds to make gold bars. it was pretty cool stuff! its been nearly a month of summer already! oh and i’ve been trying to read harry potter, I’m starting on the third book because i found it laying around in the house. are you planning to read pride and prejudice or any of the summer readings?  remember to tell me about how your middle school reunion was!

June 14, 2011 4:47 pm

LOL! alright i’ll show you the dance video once you get back!! :) yepp sally did get her ears pierced!! ohh she also said “hi” back! hahah i think i know what korean star you’re talking his name Jay Park? hahah I havent been doing much lately ..I finished watching the drama i told you about ” Shining Inheritance”!! Its really good, i will definitely recommend it to you!! (((: i’m getting ready to go my middle school reunion. ahh it’s going to be nice to see everyone again.  Yay!! MINI NUTELLA THINGS FOR ME!! YAY!! i also painted my nails mint green ((: i like it!  ♥ ohh it’s pretty sunny here today, which is weird since the past few days have been dark and gloomy. when do you get back again? sorry if i didnt write as much as i did the other time but i haven’t been doing anything really fun this week. hahaha   i’ll be sure to write more next time!! 

June 10, 2011 5:06 am

You should record your dance routine to show me! or show me the video where you learn from =] i would imagine it to be hot there. haven’t been on tumblr for only a week and the page already changed! heard sally got her ears pierced? tell her i said hey! whats your drama about? i think korean stuff is pretty popular in australia because my cousin told me that everyone here knows some star but i forgot her name it was jay or something, i’ll ask her again later. I’ll definately bring back some mini nutella for you. its so adorable! if only america had cool nutella products. and yes they loved the presents ahaha you know what she said when i gave it to her? “omg its from forever 21. my friends will be soo jealous” is there seeds in the middle of the chocolate covered pomegranet? i wonder how they make pom juice and stuff with the seeds in the middle. i got some milk tea today and they were running out of tapioca so they mixed the remaining tapioca with lychee jelly for free for me! :D theres more i need to mention but i can’t remember right now :/

June 9, 2011 1:39 am

HEYY!! i’m doing fine! i haven’t been doing much lately but Sally came over to my house today. LOL ohh i saw this korean band poster:))) which i love but i cant get it!!:((( oh well! i got frames for the pictures I’ve drawn in art class!! i only put one frame up though. Don’t scare me like that!! Summer has only just begun, it cant be halfway through! hahah As of right now, I’m learning some new dances to stay in shape :)) it’s pretty fun! Its been pretty cloudy in here, not really much to do in this weather.. hopefully it gets better. i’m not sure if i told you this.. but I bought some chocolate covered pomegranate from Costco!! its super good!! i’ll definitely same some for you!! hmmm what else have i been doing?? Well….I’ve been watching Shining Inheritance( korean drama) non-stop, i swear my butt is going to be huge from sitting at home all the time. 

It’s great that you’re having fun!! hahah I hope you cousin gets better!! ohh did your cousin like the presents you got her?? ohh do you go to a golf course and golf?? OMG YOU SHOULD TAKE PICTURES OF THE NUTELLA!!!! bring some back with you!!! LOl i cant wait to see you do the silent coyote!! hahahaha

June 6, 2011 10:10 pm

Yay you got frames for your room! what kind of poster did you see? I did the coyote but i haven’t recorded it yet so I’ll do it later. last week i was at the mall and guess what i saw? the mini nutella thingys thats reblogged on tumblr! I’m going to go back to get some soon, and i haven’t seen a big bag of chupa chups yet. but another mission would be to find more cool nutella products that don’t exist in america. It’s raining atm and its freezing cold! i miss warm sunny weather. Yesterday i went to practice golfing with my aunt and today we’re at home because of the weather and my cousin is sick. i feel lik theres so much to do but so little time! hows you’re week and a half of summer going so far? did you go anywhere?

June 3, 2011 12:04 am

I haven’t been doing anything fun lately but i did get some frames for my room!!! :)) After years and years of trying to find frames for my pictures, i finally found them at Ross hahah!! So now i actually have stuff hanging on my wall! OH My mom let me get a Poster but i denied her offer, since it was expensive.

Its hard to believe that its already summer but i still feel like theres still school the next day.  

Soo Jenn!! How’s ausstralia?? How are you?? What have you been doing?? have you finished up the list of things you need to do?? hmmm??

May 27, 2011 1:26 pm 4:21 am